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Kudy Financials Limited was started on the promise, to cater for African millennials; providing tech-driven products and services to help them reach their personal finance goals, and financial freedom eventually.

The cornerstone of Kudy Financials Limited investment philosophy is the control of risk. There is no investment that does not carry its own risk, but we understand that this can be controlled by diversification and specialization. To that end, we are known for very few investment outlets, which we understand deeply. You can be rest assured that every single investment we present to you is something we have taken a lot of time to assess. To further reduce your investment risk, we encourage diversification across different funds that we offer.

Because investment opportunities for this bracket of people often come with antecedent low returns and mostly unattainable entry requirements, we decided to start a dollar denominated fund, which enables millennials save and invest with as little, as affordable; in a myriad of choice products with high levels of security for their capital, and above inflation interest rates that deliver value to them.

We live in a low trust world. We have sworn to break the cycle and ensure that our clients come first in all our dealings. We live and breathe transparency. Our clients can be rest assured that we will do everything to ensure that we earn and keep their trust. If we cannot put our money into an investment outlet, we will not put yours. We cannot promise that we will provide you with the best returns in the market, but we can assure you that the returns you will get from us will be consistent over time. We strongly believe that generating high returns, for every unit of risk taken, is far more important than mixing brilliant returns with utter failures.

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