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3rd Avenue, by 4th Avenue,Festac town

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Monday09:15 AM - 08:00 PM
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Outreach Medical Services Ltd was incorporated in 2008 but the Children’s Hospital started operations in July 2010. In its current operations, it gives direct access to sick children together with being a Referral Hospital for general practitioners, private maternity hospitals and Lagos State General Hospitals. The brain behind it is an entrepreneur Dr. Efunbo Dosekun; an experienced General Paediatrician with an interest in Neonatology.
She has 30 years of experience in Pediatrics/Neonatology. Her work experience includes 20 years in Nigeria and 12 years in the UK.
It has over 20, 000 registered children (as at 4/9/16) and has had over 60, 000 consultations.
The service is fulfilling a current need in the Maternal/Paediatric/Neonatal health system in Lagos. The need it fulfils is the provision of acute care of neonates and children. The segment of society it is focused on is the emerging middle class and the active poor. It works closely with its sister charitable foundation in the implementation of specific child health project. In our operations, we attempt to charge affordable bills to match the segment of society we serve. This is achieved by several innovative approaches and practical solutions.
In spite of the fact that there have been internal and external challenges, we have still been able to make encouraging growth in our internal generated revenue, asset acquisition, staff capacity/ competence and loan repayment.
We realize that to grow the company we need to scale up our services and improve the quality of care. We also have use the economic principle of economy of scale by increasing our bed space, increasing the specialization of services and attracting more partners and purchasers of care.

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