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4 Yedseram Street Maitama, Abuja - Nigeria

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Monday09:15 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Thusday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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Phase3 Telecom is Africa’s leading independent aerial fibre optic network infrastructure and telecommunications services provider. Incorporated in 2003, Phase3 was licensed as a national long distance operator to provide transmission services in 2006.

We deliver world class connectivity and network solutions to the continent’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, government agencies, businesses of all sizes and homes. Every day, we work very hard to simply connect people, networks and businesses to the rest of the world.

For us, it is crucial that the challenge of inconsistent internet speed due to insufficient fixed data infrastructure in Africa is seamlessly addressed. We are a team that is dedicated to offering reliable and affordable broadband services with other communications solutions to clients all over West Africa.

We listen and feel the pulse of our clients to meet their unique needs whilst continuously improving network performance and value creation to satisfy these changing needs.

Our vision and purpose is to see every West African connected to global information and communication streams through unrivalled and groundbreaking innovation. Everything we do is channeled towards bridging the ‘digital divide’ between West Africa and the rest of the world in order to improve the lives of citizens and help sustain the socio-economic progress of the sub-region.

We operate as a team with focus, efficiency and inventiveness to transform Africa’s telecommunications landscape. For the successful redefinition of the market towards convergence.

To make this happen, we are deepening the services that we are able to offer. From a purely transmission and backhaul service set; we have built an adaptable suite of flexible enterprise and retail products designed to bring world class internet directly into the businesses and homes of ordinary people.

We are constantly expanding our network in partnership with the ECOWAS to broaden our reach in the sub-region as part of the Intelcom II initiative to ensure interconnectivity across West Africa. A project which has been incorporated by the ITU as central to the achievement of its Connect Africa initiative.

More so, our commitment to working with stakeholders in Africa to implement a clear broadband supply chain that comprises international connectivity, national backbone network, metropolitan access links and local access network as earned us several prestigious and international awards namely “Award for Quality” (B.I.D); Best Customer Service Award in Network Management” (NCSA) and for the third consecutive year in a row “National Broadband Infrastructure Provider” (BoICT) amongst others.

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Phase3 Telecom's Job posting

Manager - Receivables (Abuja) at Phase 3 Telecom Limited

Phase3 Telecom Abuja

The Manager Receivables is to ensure effective and proper management of all Receivable related transactions and coordination of company Clients / Customers. Primarily responsible for ensuring that all related Receivable documents are safely kept. Responsible for the efficient and smooth running of all Receivable transactions of the company. Mana

Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence & Analytics Officer at Phase 3 Telecom

Phase3 Telecom Abuja

Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Officer will, under the supervision of the department head, direct and develop plans to realize Phase 3 business objectives, adapt to change, and grow in the business environment. S/he will also gather business and financial data, looking at competitor data and industry trends to improve the

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), Compliance and Monitoring Officer at Phase3 Telecom Limited

Phase3 Telecom Abuja

The HSE, Compliance and Monitoring Officer, will monitor health and safety organization-wide, assess risks, and design strategies to reduce potential hazards. S / he will also ensure Phase 3 Telecom functions in a legal and ethical manner while meeting its business goals and thus will be responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing co