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S-TEE was established on the premise of attaining such goals. Since September 1978, S-TEE has maintained a strong commitment to imparting sound moral, academic, spiritual and life training skills into our learners.
We believe that if our processes (tutoring, teaching, modelling, coaching, training, counselling, etc) are well structured and implemented, we will produce great minds, expert thinkers, solution-driven personnel, who will take the world by storm.
Human capital development is our ultimate goal as this is the foundation for the economic and political restoration of our great continent, Africa.
S-TEE Schools serve students in the Nursery, Primary, Junior and Secondary High School, IGCSE and Cambridge ‘A’ Level Cambridge.

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S-TEE Schools's Job posting

Technical Drawing Teacher at S-TEE Schools

S-TEE Schools Lagos

Responsible for developing in each student an interest in and the ability to understand and utilize their knowledge of in Technical Drawing. To oversee the provision of relevant and up to date advice and support for pupils as it relates to the subject. To co-ordinate the selection and development of appropriate syllabus and courses in line with r