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US Embassy & Consulate's Job posting

Information Management Assistant at the U.S. Embassy

US Embassy & Consulate Abuja

This position is an assistant to the Information Management Officer (IMO). With technical guidance from Information Management Specialists, the incumbent will assist the Information Management Office (IMO) in daily Information Resource Management (IRM) operations. The primary duties will be assisting users with account configuration, basic system

Cultural Affairs Assistant at U.S. Embassy

US Embassy & Consulate Abuja

Under the supervision of the Cultural Affairs Officer (CAO), the incumbent serves as one of two of the Public Affairs Section (PAS) Abuja's primary Grants Officer Representatives. S/he also provides program logistical, budgetary, program, and technical assistance to the Cultural Affairs Team and collects timely data from the Cultural Affairs Team

Safety Program Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy

US Embassy & Consulate Abuja

The incumbent serves as the Safety Program Coordinator with responsibility for assisting the Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer (POSHO) in carrying out the day-to-day functions of the Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM) and Fire Protection Division (FIR) programs at the post as required by 15 FAM 900 and 15 FAM 800; assures

Office Management Assistant at the U.S Consulate General

US Embassy & Consulate Lagos

The incumbent performs clerical and administrative duties as the Office Management Assistant (OMA) for the Regional Security Office (RSO) pertaining to a multitude of RSO administrative items, both classified and unclassified The incumbent will need to work independently and possess strong communication skills as the incumbent will be in contact w