How to Nail a Job Interview with These 10 Tips

Everyone wants to find a job that offers both financial security and decent career progression opportunities. Landing that job, however, largely comes down the job interview and how effectively you present yourself as a viable candidate.

Companies like First Point Recruitment may be able to help you get an interview, but it’s really down to you, the jobseeker, to impress the interviewers and, ultimately, land yourself the job. Here are 10 invaluable tips for performing well in an interview!

1 Dress Appropriately

Landing a job might not necessarily require you wearing an expensive tailored suit but it’s vital to look smart and dress appropriately for the specific job you’re interviewing for.


2 Bring a Copy of Your CV to the Interview


The hiring manager will have already received your CV and will have likely printed copies for everyone in the interview, but it’s a good idea to print a few copies yourself and bring them with you to the interview just in case. It will make you look professional and well-prepared.


3 Make Eye Contact

Job interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking, but if you make eye contact, you’ll exude confidence, which is exactly what employers look for in employees.


4 Have a Firm Handshake

The official interview may not start until the interviewer and interviewee have taken their seats, but a firm handshake from the offset is vital.


5 Be Polite to Receptionists


Most people will be required to wait in the reception lobby for 5 or 10 minutes until the interviewer is ready to see them, but it’s important to remember that hiring managers may ask other people in the company (like a receptionist) what they thought of you in whatever little interaction you had. Their input will help employers decide whether you would be a good fit for the company, so make sure you’re polite with everyone you interact with.


6 Research the Company


Employers love candidates who have clearly done their homework about the company. It confirms their interest in the job and the company itself.


7 Prepare Yourself for all Kinds of Questions


It’s important to think about how your previous experience specifically relates to the job you’re interviewing as many questions are bound to revolve around this. Take the time to rehearse your answers to the most common questions with a friend who will be able to help you polish your responses.


8 Ask Questions


Employers want to make sure that you really do want the job and that you’re not just here for the money. One way to do that is by asking questions about the company and the position.

9 Be on Time


It goes without saying but unless you have a very good reason for being late for an interview, punctuality is essential.


10 Don’t Be Nervous


Of course, this is easier said than done but it’s important to note that the more nervous you appear in an interview, the less likely you are to be hired.

Don’t take the interview for granted and assume you’ve already bagged the job. Competition is incredibly fierce and it could take a long time before you find your dream job.

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