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6 Amara Olu Street, Agindingbi Ikeja

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Monday09:15 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Thusday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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Revolutionary marketing Concepts Limited is the marketing for change. This is marketing that challenges the status quo. It involves raising the bar and going beyond what people want to buy today to giving them what they need to buy tomorrow. It is marketing not for a product or service alone, but for the advancement of a cause, an idea, a new way of living; a change of worldview. RMC objective is not just to make the sale, but to make a difference, to make change happen!

The very essence of life is advancement, growth, change. Meaning, things will never be the same. The market knows this, but they rely on entrepreneurs to make the needed change happen. They rely on entrepreneurs to advance the course of humanity by delivering the impossible. The market knows what they want today, but rarely do they know what they will need tomorrow.

As humans what we want may not always be what we need. The natural being we are makes it hard for us to want what will cause us to change. The truth is, we want things to remain the same, especially those things that we enjoy but history has proven time and again that change is the only thing that moves humanity forward.

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